I want to write but I can’t, Set on paper a kiss from a pen, Bring alive to this world, What is lodged deep in my head, I want to tell a story only words can say, Take you to a World you see but don’t believe in, Where everything is on a hinge of … Continue reading Void


*sigh* Today was wonderful..need I say,am not going to do the whole “Dear Diary” crap because well am not a lil princess anymore(that is if I was anyways). Back to my day,it was good..I mean,first..the UMEME guy coming to exhort money from home got bitten by the dog so he didn’t do his duty,then it … Continue reading Rambles


I dont know the right way to portray emotions,i always keep them away because they cause trouble. *sigh* Here goes,I see it,the way you said,it will be,i was just foolish then and could not see clearly what you wanted me to see. I feel it now,deeper than before,the urge to hold you just like you … Continue reading 2am

Marital Stampede:

It seems like a Seasonal bug or something else because if do not understand why young people seem to be in a hurry to get hitched. Every new day,I recieve a message inviting me to so and so’s wedding meeting. On reading the text you realise,its the other ka young girl in second year in … Continue reading Marital Stampede: