Uterus Punch! #UgBlogWeek

16 thoughts on “Uterus Punch! #UgBlogWeek”

  1. Chocolate! Eat lots of it. Okay that’s just me, turns out it doesn’t work for anyone else. :/ Tea? Like mooooob strong majani, almost bitter. 🙂

  2. aaaw am blessed i dnt cramp but friends i ve seen loathe this time of the month. en one ended up having endometriosis so kindly check too cz with yo description i am not only imagining the pain, am visualizing u

  3. Aww… I’m so sorry and it has to happen every month. I had a friend in high school who also went through the same thing. The metu was not very kind but the nurse was a gem.

    Not entirely sure how to pray for you – but I shall anyway.

    PS: donno if I want these socks.

  4. I can totally relate. I go through the same this and this time around had to take a few shots this week. It’s strange though coz they say it’s not supposed to happen to someone that has gone through child birth. It really is fun being a woman..lol..xx

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