This Is A Rant #UgBlogWeek

23 thoughts on “This Is A Rant #UgBlogWeek”

  1. Yep. Amen.

    I’m actuall from a poor, village family in the U.S. my family never would spend more than 1000 USD on a wedding — even that was considered a bit much. But I married a girl whose parents didn’t agree. The demanded a budget closer to what you described above. I hated the waste, but it was there money so I kept quiet. Years later now, that amount of money did very little to make much of a difference in the significance of the day. It would have been much better off as a cash gift for the newly married couple.

    I don’t begrudge anyone a nice wedding or the chance to splurge a bit, but, these amounts are out of control. It becomes more about showing off than about getting married.

  2. I’m with you on that rant. People should just allow banange! Stay in their lanes even. I’m a firm believer of keeping things simple…and that’s how it shall be on my DAY (I hope…no, I pray my person is like-minded)

  3. hehe People are not considerate of themselves and others… so after the wedding they will go back to their rental…. this is just showing off business. Wish weddings had an insurance policy..

  4. Oh, this rant. It has very many versions every wedding season. I feel you. Ask people if they will go around begging for even Ugsh10m to fund their excellent business plan, they will look at you funny. But they have no problem hitting up old workmates and OGs out of the blue to beg for 100m worth of beer and tiara money. Priorities. 😦

  5. Haaaaaaaaaa……. This week has been about relationships. You have real brought out the other side. On the part of wedding meetings and fundraising, I have never understood why people even bother. Ask me for money if you’re actually my friend. But first show me how much you’re contributing. That is far fetched though. I believe if one is to do a wedding, let them first look at what will happen after the wedding. people end up in debts and going to prison cuz they failed to pay for their extravagant weddings. I will always be a sucker for civil marriage. Here in Rwanda, if you want to marry, you go to the district headquarters and get married. It is compulsory for all. Rich or poor. It costs like 50k UGX. (They call it ‘touching the flag’) Then if you want to make a big wedding, you do it on a weekend. People here get married on weekdays. So it is easy for someone to actually get married. And in case of divorce, unless you divide things according to the marriage agreement you made. Nice blog.

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